Tom Jones claims Voice contestant flopped because of her weight

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  • 7 January 2017
Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones claims that 'The Voice' winner Leanne Mitchell flopped because of her size

Sir Tom Jones claims that 'The Voice' winner Leanne Mitchell flopped because she was too fat.

Although Leanne, 33, won the first series of the show in 2012 and signed a record deal, she failed to find chart success and her mentor Tom, 76, believes her weight was a factor.

He said: "Leanne Mitchell, the girl who won the first one - she was singing at a holiday camp and she still is. And she wasn't bothered much.

"When she first came on the show, I thought about [her] trimming down a bit but she had gotten comfortable in this holiday camp and she'd put on some weight from it - from what she was when she was younger and from footage from when she had a record deal from years before.

"[She took] the opportunity of winning 'The Voice' and a chance of getting a record deal which she did, but she put on more weight, got more comfortable with the boyfriend who then maybe became her husband."

Tom also claimed that Leanne did not have the "drive" to become a success.

Speaking at the launch of the new series, Tom told The Sun: "She didn't have the drive. It didn't seem like she grabbed hold of it with both hands and said 'This is my chance now.

"Because she'd had a chance a few years before that and it didn't pan out because she didn't want it. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but that's the reason.

"She had everything there; she's a good-looking girl, she has a tremendous voice but you have to have that desire. If you just want to sing at a holiday camp that's what you'll do and that's what she is doing.

"She's satisfied with that so you have to have it within yourself even though you have all the help from the coaches and the show itself, and with all that exposure, you've got to still want it. And then you will do something with it."

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