Carrie Fisher 'loved' her Rogue One: A Star Wars story cameo

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  • 6 January 2017
Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher in November 2016

Carrie Fisher "loved" her cameo appearance in 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', despite never being able to see the finished movie

Carrie Fisher "loved" her cameo appearance in 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'.

The iconic actress - who passed away last month at the age of 60 after falling ill on a flight from London to Los Angeles - made an appearance in the recent 'Star Wars' spin off movie as her character Princess Leia, using digital actors to bring back the same look that she had in the 1977 original.

Whilst Carrie never got the chance to see the recently released movie in full, she did manage to catch the scene she was in and reportedly "loved it".

Lucasfilm's chief creative officer John Knoll told ABC News: "She was involved in the process and, you know, she saw the final result and she loved it.

"She got to see the scene. [Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm] showed it to her. So, I got a call afterwards from Kathy saying, 'Well, Carrie loved it.'"

Carrie - who was 19 at the time of filming the first 'Star Wars' movie - had her original image recreated for the movie using lifelike computer animation.

John added: "I think it's a really good match to what she looked like in 'Episode IV.' We had really good scans of her and ... we matched a couple of frames very exactly with our CG model and then sort of bounced back and forth between our render and the archival frame."

And it wasn't just Princess Leia who was brought into the future from 40 years ago, as Grand Moff Tarkin - played by the late Peter Cushing - was also featured in the movie.

John said of the decision to include Peter's image: "For Tarkin, it's because he's such an important part of 'Episode IV' and the Death Star program. And given that this movie is, you know, about the threat of the Death Star, what it represents, and then how the rebellion responds to that threat. I thought it was important that Tarkin be part of this."

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  • 4 stars
  • 2016
  • US
  • 2h 13min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: Gareth Edwards
  • Cast: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Jonathan Aris
  • UK release: 16 December 2016

Troublemaker Jyn Erso (Jones) and Rebel intelligence officer Cassian Andor (Luna) lead a rag crew across the galaxy to make contact with Death Star chief engineer Galen (Mikkelsen), Jyn's dad. This is Star Wars from the trenches, with sensational battle scenes and great performances from Jones and Luna.

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