Loose Women fear for Coleen Nolan in CBB house

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  • 4 January 2017
Coleen Nolan entering CBB house

Coleen Nolan entering CBB house

Coleen Nolan's 'Loose Women' co-stars are worried about how she will cope in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house after she returned to the reality TV show for a second stint on Monday night (03.01.17)

Coleen Nolan's 'Loose Women' co-stars are worried about how she is going to cope in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 51-year-old singer and regular panellist on the ITV daytime programme returned to the reality TV show for a second stint on Tuesday night (03.01.17) - having starred on the show back in 2012 finishing in second place.

Coleen's fellow panellists have now shared their concerns that the brutal nature of the Channel 5 series may prove to be too much for her to deal with, especially as she admitted in December that she is having marriage troubles with her husband Ray Fensome, whom she wed in 2007.

Speaking about the surprise of the Nolan Sister being a housemate, Jane Moore said: "I was quite surprised because leading up to Christmas she said her and Ray were having problems and they were trying to sort things out and I thought she's quite vulnerable and to go in somewhere like that.

"When she spoke about going in 'CBB' before it was the older show where it was much more relaxing, and she said she loved it. It's not like that anymore ... it's much more high octane."

Panel host Ruth Langsford noted that Colleen sounded "nervous" speaking to Emma Willis before she entered the house and questioned whether it was right for her to take part.

Ruth said: "I hope she's got someone in there to talk to or confide in because you don't have any privacy, and I thought, 'Is this the best thing for her to be doing?' "

Referring to the bevy of surgically enhanced beauties on the programme, which include Jasmine Waltz, Nicola McLean, Heidi Montag and Bianca Gascoigne, Linda Robson added: "Maybe she's gone in there to think things through. It's the weirdest 'Big Brother' - it's like Silicon Valley in there!"

Nadia Sawalha is also fearful for her close friend, and said: "It was a very different thing last time she was in and now they [producers] have ratcheted it up, the crowds are hungry for blood and the psychological games ... I am worried for her because I do think she is going to get a shock."

Nadia revealed that 'CBB' bosses asked her to go into the house, following her 2015 appearance, but she decided to turn down their big cash offer because she couldn't go through the experience again.

She shared: "Even though it was the worst experience of my life, the money was ridiculous this time and I was tempted for a moment but it's because of my husband and my kids (that I'm not). If I was a single woman I would have done it but I don't like my kids watching me go through that. Honestly there is not a price (that would get me back in there)."

Coleen has joined Heidi and her husband Spencer Pratt, Calum Best, James Jordan, Jasmine and Austin Armacost as the All Stars, while the New Stars are Stacy Francis, Angie Best, Ray J, Bianca, Brandon Block, Nicola and Jamie O'Hara.

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