Y'all is Fantasy Island - Rescue Weekend (4 stars)

Y'all is Fantasy Island - Rescue Weekend

(Wise Blood Industries)


On stage this Falkirk four-piece may remain capricious in tone and temperament but by first impressions this follow-up to the stark In Faceless Towns Forever could easily be dismissed as more of the same. The unconventional song titles herald mournful Americana, sparse and delicately arranged. Having allowed themselves a comparatively generous three days to record, the variety of instrumentation present here endlessly wrong-foots the listener; acoustic guitar augmented variously by pedal steel, doleful brass, a sudden electric guitar riff, strings, crackles and bangs.

Adam Stafford’s tortured songwriting and delivery might seem unremittingly glum, but both menace and hope lurk in the periphery and as its effects distil, Rescue Weekend comes to claim its place in the heart and imagination.

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