The Chap - live music review

The Chap

Limbo@The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 1 May


‘In case you didn’t realise,’ deadpans Chap bassist Panos Ghikas, ‘all our songs are about pleasure.’

Well, blow me down with a showroom dummy, who’da thunk it? Because this pan-global North London quartet may throw synchronised statue shapes to their mutoid electro-disco cartoon cabaret, but beyond the japes there’s a deep-set ennui at play.

Much of this only comes across on record, leaving Johannes von Weizsacker and chums to front an all-singing, all-dancing, cue-carded sing-along mini-spectacular. This is the kind of spectacle that benefits from an intimate space but in your heart of hearts feels that it should be jostling for space on primetime ITV. String-laden Artrocker Radio anthem, ‘Fun and Interesting’ is textbook Chap classicism, suggesting a well-drilled gang show conjured up by a Nordic choir in cahoots with Schneider TM and Salaryman.

In touch with their ridiculous side as well as their post-modern music business, they’re both outside and prick-kickingly a part of, The Chap are serious fun, and all the more super super for it.

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