Kevin Simm hates dancing

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  • 2 January 2017
Kevin Simm

Kevin Simm

Kevin Simm loved being in Liberty X, but was never a fan of the dance routines because he isn't a great mover

Kevin Simm hates dancing.

The 36-year-old singer admits his solo career is "worlds apart" from his work with Liberty X and though he enjoyed the music the group - which also featured Michelle Heaton, Jessica Taylor, Tony Lundon and Kelli Young - made, he was never a fan of the accompanying stage routines.

He said: "[My solo music] is worlds apart from Liberty X as that was more of a dance-y type R'n'B pop garage sound, which obviously being a boy and girl group worked for us at the time.

"But you had to think about performances and bloody dance routine.

"I enjoyed the music. But I don't miss the dance routine, purely because I looked like an idiot - I just couldn't dance."

When it comes to his solo music, Kevin thinks it is important to be "honest" in his songwriting.

He said: "I wanted to just make honest music, the stuff which people when they hear it will know I've put my soul into. Rather than writing tracks with a hook-y chorus. I didn't want to jump on the Justin Bieber bandwagon."

Kevin - who returned to the public eye when he won 'The Voice' earlier this year - reunited with Liberty X for a one-off performance in the summer, but he isn't interested in a full time return to the band.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I actually performed with Liberty X at Birmingham Pride after winning 'The Voice' and it was good fun.

"But I'm 36 now and the whole dancing around stuff is not something I really enjoy that much.

"I never say never though, the guys in the band are some of my best friends and it's a laugh when we get back together. But as far as a long time thing, I don't think so."

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