Neue Liebe - live music review (4 stars)

Neue Liebe

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Sun 25 May


‘This is much better than playing with dreary indie bands,’ says Andrew Eaton, singer with headliners Swimmer One, and then he quickly checks himself in case there are any dreary indie bands in attendance. He’s right, though. A cabaret affair headlined by bands but incorporating comedy, magic, burlesque and sometimes just plain oddness, Neue Liebe is a different way to spend a Sunday night.

An irregular event – the next one’s in August – in more ways than one, the show’s hosted by Edinburgh poet and performer JL Williams and drag queen Penny Pornstar, who corral a suitably welcoming blend of glamour and haphazardness. Some acts are effortless and brilliant, like comedian Rowan Campbell, while others take a while to get going – Steve Wilson’s chat is awful, but his magic is stunning.

The musical final hour is perfectly pitched, though. Proficient Greek/ Polish folk act Fanattica recreate an authentically rowdy continental wedding party, while the Swimmer One are revelatory, an urgent electro dance trio with louche charisma and engaging lyrical sensibilities. Absolutely not dreary at all, in other words.

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