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Wendy Wason

Name Wendy Wason

Who’s she then? An Edinburgh lass, she was educated at George Watson’s before heading west to attend Glasgow Uni. She got into acting and took roles in Taggart, High Road and some ads before dipping her toes in the film world with parts in Libertine (alongside Johnnys Depp, Vegas and Malkovich) and Resurrecting Bill (about an obsessive fan of Mr Hicks).

She’ll have done the Edinburgh Fringe, then? Yup, her debut arrived in 2001 in a play by Trevor Lock entitled What You Really Want alongside Phil Nichol and Sarah Kendall. Whether she really wanted to strip off during the performance while four months pregnant is uncertain, but she did anyway.

Once you hear her talk, you may experience an odd sense of déjà vû And that’s because she’s done voiceover work for Ebay, Easyjet and Matalan among several others.

She admits to watching with glee as kids fall over and gently hurt themselves in You’ve Been Framed Despite this, she does have a pair of nippers herself and is married to Steve Furst aka Lenny Beige, who is also the guy from the Orange ads.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 5–Sun 8 Jun.

The Thursday Show

It's another Thursday Show extravaganza, with an incredible line-up at less-than-weekend prices. Try this for size: MC Lucy Porter, Jason Rouse, Gary Delaney, Wendy Wason and Rab Brown. Fan-blooming-tastic.

Wicked Wenches

Regular host Susan Calman jollies up this evening which grants you access to some of the finest lady-comedy in the land. Tonight showcases the talents of Jo Enright, Wendy Wason, AL Kennedy and Katie Craig.

The Stand

Lady Lucy Porter hosts this weekend of highly talented examples fresh from the national circuit: Jason Rouse, Gary Delaney, Wendy Wason and Rab Brown.

The Sunday Night Laugh-In

End the weekend in the company of gag-smith extraordinaire Gary Delaney and host Kevin Bridges. They're joined by Wendy Wason, Dee Custance, Jim Park and Stephanie Laing.

The Stand

Lady Lucy porter hosts this weekend, in the company of some of the finest talents from the national circuit: Jason Rouse, Gary Delaney, Wendy Wason and Rab Brown.

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