Lorna Fitzgerald's boot wish

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  • 24 December 2016
Lorna Fitzgerald

Lorna Fitzgerald

'EastEnders' actress Lorna Fitzgerald wants a holiday and a pair of boots for Christmas

Lorna Fitzgerald wants a pair of knee-high boots for Christmas.

The 'EastEnders' star is hoping to find a pair of killer winter shoes under her Christmas tree when she wakes up on December 25 but her wish list isn't just limited to footwear as she's also hoping someone surprises her by whisking her away to a sunny destination as well.

She explained: "I really want a pair of knee-high boots. Although I'd love for someone to get me an all-exclusive holiday in a five-star resort - somewhere really hot and luxurious."

And the 20-year-old actress has already started thinking about what she's going to buy for Secret Santa - a festive game that sees people buy little gifts in secret for someone else - and is hoping she draws June Brown - who plays her on-screen grandma Dot Cotton - so she can splash out.

She explained: "I'd pick June Brown and get her something sassy. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd go for something sparkly with lots of diamonds."

Lorna is also hoping her alter ego Abi Branning gets an animal this year as she'd love to see her character happy over the festive season for once.

She said: "Oooh, I'd buy her lots! Maybe some new clothes and make-up, I think she needs that. And I'd love to get her a new gerbil or a dog!"

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