Jane Cox making double dinner

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  • 24 December 2016
Jane Cox

Jane Cox

Vegetarian actress Jane Cox will be making both a meat-free Christmas dinner and one with traditional turkey

Jane Cox is planning to cook two Christmas dinners.

The 'Emmerdale' star - who is known for playing factory working Lisa Dingle in the long-running soap - and her partners are both vegetarian, so she will make a nut roast for them and a traditional turkey for the rest of her household.

She explained: "I'm a vegetarian and so is my partner - but the rest of the family all eat meat! It will just depend on whether or not I do a nut roast for us all or cook them a little bit of turkey for them. That said, I'm sure that we can make a vegetarian Christmas dinner delicious, and all the turkeys and pigs can rest assured that they won't be coming to any harm."

Jane's Christmas will no doubt be very different from the festive experience her alter ego will have as it's no doubt set to be explosive in the dales after her estranged husband Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell) starts to gravitate back towards her after leaving her for Joanie (Denise Black).

A source said: "There is a parallel to last year's Christmas with the breaking up of a couple. The viewers will see how happy Zak is with his family and that gets Joanie thinking. Does he really want to be with her, or does his heart lie elsewhere.

"This Christmas feels as though things have come full circle. I think it's satisfying for the audience as it will sort of mirror last year and they'll want to see what this means for Zak and Lisa."

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