Lucy Watson's dog in hospital

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  • 23 December 2016
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson's dog has been rushed to hospital after he got a bone stuck in his throat

Lucy Watson's dog was rushed to hospital on Thursday (22.12.16).

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star was wracked with worry when she landed in Barbados - where she is celebrating Christmas with her boyfriend James Dunmore and his family - yesterday to find out her pet pooch Digby had been taken to the emergency vets because he had a bone wedged in his throat and couldn't breathe.

Taking to her Twitter account after the incident, she said: "Worst news to get off the plane and find out my little digby is in hospital (sic)," followed by a pained face emoji.

After she was bombarded with messages from concerned fans, the 26-year-old beauty gave her followers an update on her four-legged friend's condition.

She said: "Thanks for kind messages everyone. He had a bone stuck in his oesophagus which has now been pushed into his stomach. He's going to be okay (sic)"

Lucy brought Digby into her family two years ago after she spotted him in the shop window of the pet department in Harrods and, although she feels terrible about buying rather than adopting an animal, she thinks the world of him and takes him everywhere.

She said recently: "I got him in the Harrods pet department, which I feel terrible about. I don't agree with puppies in shops and he was there for four months. I already have a cat, Darcy, but one day I felt so bad that I just bought him.

"My dad went mental. At the time he was giving me a deposit for a flat, and said: 'I just don't think you're mature enough for a flat if you're going to go and buy a dog from Harrods.' Eventually he realised that it wasn't a mistake, it was actually a life decision."

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