Clare Balding won't cook for Christmas

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  • 23 December 2016
Clare Balding

Clare Balding

Clare Balding is always "in charge" of wine and her partner Alice Arnold looks after the cooking when they have guests over for the festive season

Clare Balding has never cooked Christmas dinner.

The 45-year-old sports presenter and her partner Alice Arnold love to entertain people at their home, but Clare doesn't get involved in the kitchen and takes charge of drinks instead.

She said: "I have never cooked a Christmas lunch and I don't plan to start.

"Alice and I are entertainers and I'm in charge of the wine."

Clare is devoted to her partner and says she is the only person who never annoys her.

She said "My partner Alice is my best friend. She's about the only person I can spent 24 hours a day with, day after day, without them annoying me.

"I trust her judgement and she makes me laugh."

The popular presenter doesn't care about other people's opinions and would never look herself up online.

She said: "I'm not interested in what other people think. But I don't think anything aout me surprises others, Alice always tells me I'm an open book.

"I don't look at anything about myself [online]. You'd be mad to do so! You have to learn to protect yourself from what's out there."

Though Clare is happy with her life with Alice, she does regret not going to work out in the US when she had the opportunity to.

Asked her biggest regret, she said: "A few years ago, I was asked to go and work abroad in America but said no because of what I might miss back here. I should have done it."

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