Studio 24’s 13th Birthday Weekender

The Exploited

The Exploited

Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 13 & Sat 14 Jun


‘We don’t usually celebrate birthdays here,’ says Studio 24’s manager Gill McArthur, ‘but I’m superstitious, so I couldn’t ignore our 13th.’ She would do well not to invite any more bad luck, because those with mid-range memories might remember the club had a bit of a run on it a couple of years ago.

‘Noise complaints,’ McArthur sighs, recalling the lack of soundproofing in either her own building or a nearby block of new-build flats which caused residents to contact the council. The club was very nearly closed down, but it’s all sorted now. ‘We spent an obscene amount of money soundproofing the building, a whole new inner shell has basically been built within the walls.’

Which is good news for Edinburgh’s clubbing heritage. S24’s previous incarnation as Calton Studios was a legendary techno haunt, while The Mission (now known as Retribution) has been a favourite of young goths and metal-heads for over two decades. This birthday double-header celebrates the club’s techno heritage on the Friday, with returns for residents of Dogma, JakN, Purple Moon and Eruptor in the main room, and representatives of highly-regarded local gay clubs Joy, Taste and Mingin’ upstairs. Saturday is metal and punk night, with Retribution presenting old and new stars of the local scene The Exploited, The Gin Goblins, Man of the Hour and Jackie Treehorn.

‘We stick to what we do and we do it well,’ says McArthur. ‘What the noise complaints really brought home to us at the time, though, was how much our regulars care about the club and were prepared to stand up for us. It’s a place that feels like home to a lot of people.’

Studio 24's 13th Birthday Weekender

What better way to celebrate 13 years of dark underground beats than gathering together all the best DJs form all the best clubs (Purple Moon, Mingin', JakN, Dogma, Taste and E-Ruptor) for a night of full on techno, trance and other hard beats.

Studio 24's 13th Birthday Weekender

It was trance and techno last night now Retribution revels in the world of punk, metal and hard rock with live sets from The Exploited, Man of the Hour, Gin Goblins and Jackie Treehorn.

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