Lucy Watson to spend Christmas with boyfriend's parents

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  • 22 December 2016
Lucy Watson and James Dunmore

Lucy Watson and James Dunmore

Lucy Watson is spending Christmas with her boyfriend and his parents for the first time, and admits she is a bit nervous

Lucy Watson will spend Christmas in Barbados with boyfriend James Dunmore and his parents.

The 25-year-old former 'Made In Chelsea' star - who met the dark-haired beau on the popular E4 programme when he joined in 2015 - and her partner will be jetting off to the Caribbean for two weeks over the festive period, where they will celebrate Christmas Day and New Year's Day together.

While Lucy is excited about the trip, she also admitted she is nervous about spending her first Christmas with her boyfriend.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her plans, the brunette beauty said: "I am actually going to Barbados this Christmas with James and his parents so that's the first Christmas we're spending together, which is quite nice slash scary. It will be really cute and I'm really excited for it.

"It will be for two weeks because it's quite far so I wouldn't want to stay for less than 10 days."

And the television personality is particularly looking forward to the trip because she "can't stand" the cold winter months in the UK and is eager to enjoy warmer weather.

She explained: "It will be really nice to be in the heat for Christmas because I can't stand the cold, even now the weather outside, for me, I genuinely have to psych myself up to go outside because it's so cold. It will be really nice to be in the sun for New Years."

Although this will be the first year James and Lucy celebrate Christmas together, it is not the first time she has jetted off in December.

She said: "I have spent Christmas in Australia two years ago because my family live there. The only thing is we planned it really badly because we got there just before Christmas Day and we couldn't stay up past seven o'clock on Christmas Day because we were so jet lagged. So, if I was to do that again I would need some time between arriving and the special occasion. But it was amazing there, you can actually go out, go on a boat, do really fund things and sunbathe.

"It's a whole different take on Christmas, it's not for everyone but I personally really enjoyed it."

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