Snow White and the Seven Wee Muppets (3 stars)

Snow White and the Seven Wee Muppets

A wee pantomime with bite

Paul Harper-Swan's pantomimes at Webster's Theatre in the West End of Glasgow may not have the big budgets of other shows, but they always have exuberant and hard-working casts, sweet yet cheeky puppets and a pinch of pizzazz.

Sticking only loosely to the Snow White story, the wicked witch is now Spella Binding: more catty than scary, she's a washed-up disco diva with elements of Pink, Annie Lennox and The Divine David (an enormously fun Jamie McKillop, who also provides sassy choreography). There's an apple, but the twist with it involves tech puns and a virus threatening Snow White (Joanne McGuiness, a bit underused but for her powerful voice). Siri, named after the phone app, is made flesh (Alison Rona Cleland) and she gets some incredible tongue-twisting banter which is delivered with impressive finesse.

There are too many songs, as the setting is, after all, a kitschy glittery Pop Star Pantoland, but enough charm sustains the show-especially with the big-hearted, gallus support, Lady Marmite (Neil Thomas) and Molly Muppet (Lee Reynolds), a female counterpart to a childlike Buttons figure.

Throw in some mild audience harassment, appalling local gags and sweetie throwing and there's no rules being rewritten, but the kids, grandparents and a few hen parties alike just eat it up.

Webster's Theatre until Dec 31.

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