Emmerdale fans want John Middleton to get Oscar Award

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  • 21 December 2016
John Middleton

John Middleton

Fans of 'Emmerdale' want John Middleton to receive an award for his impressive portrayal of dementia

'Emmerdale' fans have called for John Middleton to receive an Oscar Award.

Hearts across the nation broke on Tuesday (20.12.16) night when Ashley Thomas - portrayed by the 63-year-old actor - failed to recognise his own wife Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) as he started to lose his battle with dementia, and viewers were so impressed with the way the star depicted the disorder that they want him to win a trophy.

One viewer, who goes by the handle pine tree millie (sic), said: "Hands down the best episode of anything I've ever watched. Give John Middleton an Oscar. #Emmerdale."

Another called Ben Anthony agreed and wrote on Twitter after the episode aired: "This is so brilliant John Middleton deserves an award! #Emmerdale."

While Marc Hutton said: "Think we've just seen the winner of the British Soap Award for Best Single Episode and/or Best Male Performance here like! #Emmerdale. (sic)"

The episode, which was shot through the eyes of the vicar, showed Ashley return back to the village and come face-to-face with places and people he no longer recognised.

The scenes were filmed in such a way that allowed viewers to get a glimpse of what it is like to have dementia, which is a persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders.

And things are set to get even more heartbreaking for the vicar as John - who has appeared on the long-running soap since 1996 - will bow out at the start of next month.

He said recently: "I'm very sad to be leaving 'Emmerdale'. I love the place, I love everyone who works there and I've got some great friends there. Some of them will be great friends of mine for the rest of my life ... I'm very sad to leave."

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