Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale - Hulk: Gray (4 stars)

Jeph Loeb



He’s probably as famous for his tough green hide as his anger-management problems but the Hulk has spent several years as a grey goliath (in fact he was grey in his first ever appearance in 1962).

Some creative teams work brilliantly together (think De Niro and Scorsese). Writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale are one such team. Each of their collaborative projects is awaited with baited breath (Batman: The Long Halloween and Daredevil: Yellow are particularly fine examples of their oeuvre) and this lovingly retro story fills in some important gaps in Hulk’s origin. Knowingly old-fashioned but with a truly modern perspective and a devastating kick to Banner’s already traumatised psyche. Artist Sale’s Hulk is a wonderful monolithic monster. Theirs is a near perfect symbiotic partnership of writer and artist.

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