Saara Aalto signs record deal

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  • 20 December 2016
Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto has signed a record deal with Sony Music UK and Finland

Saara Aalto has signed a record deal.

The 'X Factor' runner-up may not have managed to claim the winning title after it was swiped away from her by her rival Matt Terry but that doesn't mean her singing career is over as she's just accepted a joint contract with label Sony Music UK and Finland.

Finnish DJ D'Lasso and Hours interviewed the brunette beauty just after she touched back down in Finland on Tuesday (20.12.16) and couldn't wait to share the news.

Taking to his Twitter account, he wrote: "BREAKING NEWS. Saara Aalto has signed a deal with Sony UK/FI. DREAM BIG #saaraaalto #XFactor2016 #nofear (sic)."

The 29-year-old star's recent signing will unlikely come as a surprise to fans as Simon Cowell - who joint owns the record label Syco Entertainment with Sony - made no secret of the fact he liked her vocals when she competed on his ITV show this year.

Saara isn't the only contestant to land a record deal following the end of 'The X Factor' two weeks ago, as 5 After Midnight have also scribbled a contract with Syco.

An insider told the Daily Star newspaper: "It was obvious that Saara would get signed but we are a little surprised by 5 After Midnight's deal. It is common knowledge that they don't get on as a group and would rather be solo artists."

Controversial rapper Honey G - whose real name is Anna Gilford - has also been offered a one-track contract over the festive period - despite coming fifth.

She said recently: "I am ecstatic to announce I have been Signed by Syco, Simon Cowell's record label and will be releasing my first single on 23rd December."

But it seems Honey G isn't planning to stop at just one song as she's hoping to become a worldwide success like One Direction, who came third on the show five years ago.

She explained: "I'm looking to come in at the level that One Direction came in at. I know that I can create that hype. I just need the opportunity to be able to sell the records, get the right PR behind me, get the right team behind me that's really going to blow me up."

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