Also Published - 5 Auto-biographies

  • The List
  • 5 June 2008

Andy Murray - Hitting Back The Dunblane lad may still be a slip of a boy but those memoirs start coming out earlier every year. Here’s the story of his life with Wimbledon fast approaching and another media frenzy brewing. Century.

Russell Watson - Finding My Voice A rags-to-riches fairytale which has been blighted by two near-death experiences and a bitter divorce. Ebury.

Julie Gregory - My Father’s Keeper The author of Sickened tells of a tough life with a schizophrenic dad and troubled mum. HarperElement.

Daoud Hari - The Translator This chronicles a man who has suffered torture and faced death in order to get the true story of Sudan’s terror out to the world. Viking.

Benjamin Mee - We Bought a Zoo When Mee and his family left their French rural idyll to buy a zoo near Dartmoor, they could never have guessed at the troubles and traumas that would swiftly be encountered. HarperCollins.


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