Mark Watson - Crap at the Environment (4 stars)

Crap at the Environment

(Hodder & Stoughton)


When reducing your carbon footprint, the first thing to do is admit that you’re crap at the environment. This is according to stand-up comedian, writer, TV personality and one-man iceberg melter Mark Watson, who throughout last year transformed from an environmental Doubting Thomas into an Al Gore disciple. Traditionally, green issues are populated by bespectacled scientists or dreadlocked activists, but in contrast Watson comes across as a refreshing, if a bit crap, Everyman.

Full of the fervent, nervous energy that characterises his stage work, Watson writes entertaining confessionals on the tasks and ‘funrifices’ (fun sacrifices) that he hurls wholeheartedly into before, usually, failing. But Watson does have talent, despite his irrational fear of cycling and uselessness at crafts; he can write an accessible environmental book which is both informative and laugh out loud funny or, if you prefer, ‘funformative’.

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