Jon Clark had 24-hour erection

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  • 19 December 2016
Jon Clark ice skating (c) Instagram

Jon Clark ice skating (c) Instagram

Jon Clark had an erection for 24 hours after he banged his coccyx and damaged the nerves in his spine during ice skating

Jon Clark had a 24-hour erection.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star was left with a stiff penis for a whole day after he slipped over while ice skating earlier this month and banged his coccyx, which lead to the unusual side effect, but he wasn't fazed by it as he was more worried about dying.

Speaking during the show's festive special 'The Only Way is Essexmas', the 26-year-old hunk told his brother Chris Clark and Tommy Mallet: "I nearly died. The injury that I got, at the bottom of your back you've got all these nerves, and you can get erections."

Tommy - who was doubled over from laughter asked: "Did you get a stiffy?"

Jon - who was in Liverpool for a lads' trip - replied: "For 24/27 hours. Not straight but I'd say every 20 minutes. I enjoyed it for the first four hours."

And Jon isn't the only one who enjoyed his erect penis as his co-star Gemma Collins - who makes occasional appearances in the show's special episodes - would have no doubt offered to nurse him back to health after she revealed she wanted to "s**g" him.

When Lydia Bright said she had arranged a singles Santa night, Gemma, who is nine years older than the hunk, said: "Can you get Jon Clark there please?"

Her friend Bobby Norris replied: "You need to drop him out babes. You're becoming a bit obsessed with him. I think you need to go for a man. You need someone your age."

But the bubbly blonde - who once hooked up with James 'Arg' Argent - isn't ready to let her crush go just yet and is determined to get him in bed over the festive season.

She said: "I want a Christmas shag. Jon Clark will do in his Santa's outfit."

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