Edinburgh Treefest

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  • 5 June 2008
Edinburgh Treefest

We are aware that there are other festivals covered in this particular issue, and that many of them are trying to be carbon neutral or similarly ecologically friendly. But none of them are actually about trees. A celebration of all things wooden, leafy and barking, with whittling demonstrations (pictured), the famous Woodmarket, and, er, skateboarding. Because skateboards have . . . wooden bases? Please see www.edinburghtreefest.org.uk, where all will be revealed.

Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Sat 14 & Sun 15 Jun.

Edinburgh Treefest and Woodmarket

Returning bigger and better than ever before, this two day festival offers displays, demonstrations, crafts, activities, games, entertainments, and refreshments for young and old alike.