Tilda Swinton: The planet is a graveyard

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  • 16 December 2016
Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton

London-born actress Tilda Swintonhas revealed she thinks the "planet is a graveyard"

Tilda Swinton thinks the "planet is a graveyard".

The 56-year-old actress stars alongside Ralph Fiennes in the drama-comedy movie 'A Bigger Splash' - which touches on the refugee crisis - and Tilda has gone one step further than her on-screen co-star, who previously claimed that Europe is a grave.

Asked whether Europe is a grave or obscene, Tilda said: "Certainly. The entire planet is a grave.

"We walk on - and with - the dead. But we also live forward, in a continually renewable birthplace.

"Just as we are all capable of obscene cruelty and barbaric selfishness, at the same time, we - all - have within us the generosity of unconditional kindness and the wisdom and courage of fearless fairness. It's all about choices."

However, the actress rubbished the suggestion that wealth and success risk conceit.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "Conceit and delusion are not the exclusive province of the rich, nor is it inevitable that wealth and what is called worldly success necessarily makes for monstrous or a**eholic behaviour and attitudes.

"People are people and all of us have the opportunity to play into those tired old stereotypes just as we are free to ignore them. See above regarding making choices."

And Tilda admitted that having had time to reflect on the movie's release earlier this year, she is very "proud" of the work.

She shared: "We made it in a kind of fever, very fast - in the eye of the wind - and now that the dust has settled, it's good to see that chaos bottled in the film from a safe distance. Quicksilver was its material ... getting a cork on it was the task."

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