Lionel Blair 'always' lies about his age

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  • 14 December 2016
Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair has "always" lied about his age for many years, but has finally revealed he is three years older than he had previously let on

Lionel Blair has "always" lied about his age.

The British actor has admitted he has been pretending to be three years younger than he actually is for his entire life, but has finally decided to come clean about how old he is whilst celebrating his 88th birthday this week.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (14.12.16) about how many years he has racked up, the 'A Hard Day's Night' star - whose birthday is on December 12 - said: "I've always lied about my age but not now!"

However, the veteran performer has revealed despite telling a little white lie about his age, his hair is real and all his own.

He said: "It's all my own. That's what kills people."

During today's programme, Lionel was presented with a birthday cake with a miniature figurine, which resembled the star, wearing a suit and top hat perched on the edge of the tasty treat.

Lionel has revealed he would like nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of fellow actor Kirk Douglas, who hit a major milestone of 100 years old last week.

He said: "I want to live to as long as Kirk Douglas!"

And the star has hinted his hectic lifestyle and heavy work schedule is the secret to keeping him feeling young and, although he he hasn't been offered many acting roles lately, he believes he will be inundated with work commitments in the New Year.

He said: "I am booked up through January. I've got to keep working. The phone doesn't always go. I'm just back from India."

Lionel has recently returned from India where he filmed the forthcoming series of the 'Real Exotic marigold Hotel', which was inspired on the 2011 film featuring Dame Judi Dench, alongside Amanda Barrie, Dennis Taylor, Rustie Lee, Doctor Miriam Stoppard, Bill Oddie, Sheila Ferguson and actor Paul Nicholas.

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