Ben Price and Chris Gascoyne need rest after on-screen fights

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  • 11 December 2016
Ben Price

Ben Price

Ben Price and Chris Gascoyne say they need to have a rest after all of their on-screen bust-ups on 'Coronation Street'

Ben Price and Chris Gascoyne need "a bit of a rest" after throwing one and other a punch on 'Coronation Street'.

The two actors plays long-running rivals Nick Tilsley and Peter Barlow on the soap, and Ben, 44, admits he and his friend don't have the stamina for their physical rows in the same way they used to.

He said: "When it comes to the Nick and Peter fight scenes, we're older now and definitely not as fit as we once were. So it'll be one blow and then a bit of a rest."

But even when they were younger and fitter, the fight scenes didn't always go according to plan.

Ben added to Woman magazine: "Chris reminded me the other day that once when we were filming Nick hitting Peter, I ended up hitting him properly.

"Then he was meant to throw a plastic bottle at me, but forgot and threw the real one.

"Sometimes things go a little wrong and you have a giggle about it."

Ben is very close to his on-screen family because he spends more time with them than he does wife Alexandra and their two kids.

He told Woman magazine: "I'm with the Platt family more than I'm with my own family.

"We're all so close and really do get on.

"The best times I've ever had on the show are sitting at number 8 and just laughing.

"No matter how tragic the Platts' lives are, it's the happiest place to be.

And filming the show means the actor isn't very enthusiastic about Christmas.

He admitted: "It sounds awful but I'm not big on Christmas.

"At 'Corrie', we film Christmas in October, so by the time it gets round to the real thing, you feel a bit over it and think, 'But now we're on to Valentine's Day.' "

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