Nathan Lewis received marriage proposals over Twitter

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  • 9 December 2016
5 After Midnight

Nathan (left) in 5 After Midnight

Nathan Lewis of 5 After Midnight has revealed he has received marriage proposals over Twitter

5 After Midnight star Nathan Lewis has received marriage proposals over Twitter.

The aspiring pop star - who features in the group alongside Kieran Alleyne and Jordan Lee - has been lapping up the attention of his female admirers on social media and has now revealed the true extent of his popularity since appearing on 'The X Factor'.

He shared: "We've received chocolates and I have had a marriage proposal once or twice on Twitter.

"I haven't accepted yet because they didn't get down on one knee and present me with a ring - I'm a classy girl!"

One female who has clearly taken a shine to Nathan is chart-topping pop star Alicia Keys, who recently met the 5 After Midnight hunk after she made a guest appearance on the show.

Nathan told the Metro newspaper: "I got to chat with her and took a selfie.

"A week later she tweeted me saying she was blessed to have met me and that she thought I was a star."

Meanwhile, Nathan's bandmate and father-to-be Kieran has insisted that his baby won't get in the way of 5 After Midnight realising their dreams.

Kieran learned about the unplanned pregnancy with his girlfriend two months ago, but has promised it will not derail their success.

He said: "It gives us all a reason to push forward and win the competition. It makes me want it that much more."

'X Factor' judge Louis Walsh suggested it could prove to be a blessing in disguise for Kieran.

He explained: "It's a good thing because he has a responsibility now. He has to do well because he has to support this child."

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