Tom Cruise's Posh ban

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  • 31 May 2008

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has banned Victoria Beckham from discussing diets with his wife Katie Holmes.

The 'Top Gun' actor was said to be concerned about the influence the former Spice Girls star was having on Katie, so has asked her to remain quiet when it comes to food.

A source close to Tom - who has a two-year-old daughter Suri with Katie - said: "Tom told Victoria he was worried about how thin Katie was getting, especially as they want to start trying for another baby soon.

"Tom was firm but polite. He said that, although he understood Victoria thought she was only trying to help Katie to lose weight after Suri's birth, he didn't want her swapping any more diet tips with Katie in future."

Now Victoria - who is famed for her slender figure - is doing her best to refrain from talking about diets whenever she is with Katie.

The source added to Britain's Closer magazine: "She hasn't mentioned food and diet once around Katie since then. And when they've been out for meals together, she's made a real effort not to comment on what anyone's eating, and to try to order more food herself - even if she doesn't touch it once it's on her plate."

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