P. Diddy's Leona wish

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  • 30 May 2008

P. Diddy

P. Diddy wants to work with Leona Lewis.

The hip-hop mogul is desperate to collaborate with the British singing sensation on his next album because he thinks she is one of the hottest talents around.

He said: "I want that girl on my next album. I'm a huge fan. Not only is she so, so beautiful, she has a great voice. She is extremely talented. She has one of the best voices I've heard. I'm thinking about my next album and definitely want to make it work, so she's on it. It's all about Leona Lewis."

P. Diddy also revealed he wants to do some charity work with Madonna - who recently finalised her adoption of Malawian boy David Banda.

He added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I would like to do something with Madonna in Malawi. I see what she does and I think it's fantastic. I'd love to help any way I can."

Finally, the busy rapper has his sights set on a fashion-collaboration with "stylish" soccer star David Beckham, who he greatly admires.

He said: "What a stylish guy. I'd love to do a fashion range with David Beckham. I heard he's doing a shoe range with Snoop, perhaps we could collaborate to do something for charity."

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Leona Lewis

The big voiced X-Factor winner from a few years back returns to the stage. Expect big ballads and pop R&B including the absolutely colossal 'Bleeding Love'.

Puff Daddy

Hip hop and rap by the New York-based Sean Combs.

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