31 Best Netflix UK exclusives for 2017

31 Best Netflix UK exclusives for 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Including Stranger Things, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Iron Fist, Sense8, Dear White People and Making a Murderer

After announcing plans to spend $6 billion (billion!) on original content in 2017 Netflix are now a major player. No longer just a distributor of films and TV but home to big critical and commercial hits stretching back to House of Cards. 2017 looks set to be another monster year for Netflix with a ton of exclusive TV shows and movies on the way.

One Day at a Time (6 Jan)
Comedy loosely based on a 70s sitcom about a recently separated mum (Justina Machado) and her kids (Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz).

A Series of Unfortunate Events (13 Jan)
The Lemony Snicket film series that never happened reborn on TV. Based on Brad Silberling's children's books with Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf.

Voltron: Legendary Defender, Season 2 (20 Jan)
Rebooted 80s animated sci-fi featuring the vocal talents of Rhys Darby.

Santa Clarita Diet (3 Feb)
Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star as real estate agents in this new comedy.

Iron Fist (17 Mar)
The fourth stand alone Marvel series from Netflix. Finn Jones takes the title as Danny Rand a martial artist with mystical powers.

Sense8 Season 2 (5 May)
More international mind-linked mysteries and sci-fi action from the Wachowskis (The Matrix).

Anne (date tbc)
New adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic novel Anne of Green Gables. Newcomer Amybeth McNulty takes the lead role.

Bill Nye Saves the World (date tbc)
Documentary series with scientist Bill Nye who according to the official synopsis will each episode 'tackle a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry.'

Dark (date tbc)
Perhaps inspired by the success of Stranger Things Netflix describe Dark as: 'a family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town in present day where the disappearance of two young children exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families … that ties back to the same town in 1986.'

Dear White People (date tbc)
Comedy drama confronting racism and stereotypes in high school. Spin off from the film of the same name with Justin Simien returning to write and direct several episodes.

The Defenders (date tbc)
Netflix Marvel heroes (Daredevil, "https://www.list.co.uk/articles/jessica-jones/">Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) team up to fight an as yet unspecified über-villian.

Discovery (date tbc)
Sci-fi feature starring Robert Redford as a scientist who proves the existence of the afterlife.

A Futile and Stupid Gesture (date tbc)
Feature film based on the true story about troubled history of outrageous 70s and 80s comedy magazine National Lampoon. Starring Will Forte, Seth Green and Domhnall Gleeson.

Girlboss (date tbc)
Satirical comedy 'inspired by' Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso's book about an anarchist turned fashion CEO starring Britt Robertson.

Gypsy (date tbc)
Naomi Watts plays a therapist who becomes entangled in her patient's lives.

IO (date tbc)
Sci-fi feature film. Netflix tells us IO: 'tells the story of one girl's coming of age while examining the dangers of humanity's current relationship with the planet. Margaret Qualley will play Sam Walden, a teenager surviving as one of the last people on an abandoned post-cataclysmic Earth, who is racing to find a cure for her poisoned home world before the last shuttle off the planet to the distant human space colony leaves her stranded.'

iZombie, Season 3 (date tbc)
Kooky zombie comedy from the makers of Veronica Mars. Made by The CW but on Netflix in the UK.

Lady Dynamite, Season 2 (date tbc)
Surreal comedy loosely based on the life of star Maria Bamford.

Making a Murderer, Season 2 (date tbc)
The most gripping real life courtroom drama returns with an update on the Avery murder charges.

Master of None, Season 2 (date tbc)
Aziz Ansari (Parks & Recreation) stars, writes, and directs this comedy about the life of a 30-year-old actor in NYC.

Mindhunter (date tbc)
New thriller set in 1979 based on the FBI's Serial Crime Unit (ie they hunt serial killers). Producer by David Fincher who also helped bring House of Cards to life so expect big things.

Naked (date tbc)
Netflix's romcom sounds like a raunchy take on Groundhog Day: 'Rob Anderson (Marlon Wayans) is all set to marry the girl of his dreams, but can't quite get to the altar. Every time he comes close, he finds himself waking up naked in his hotel elevator, forced to relive the beginning of his wedding day over and over again.'

Okja (date tbc)
South Korean / US adventure film co-written by Bong Joon-Ho (The Host) and Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats) about a young girl who tries to protect her 'massive animal' friend from an evil multi-national corporation.

Ozark (date tbc)
Drugs, money laundering and gangsters in Missouri featuring a rare serious role from Jason Bateman (Arrested Development / Horrible Bosses).

Real Rob, Season 2 (date tbc)
Sort of real, but exaggerated, reality TV show following the life of comic Rob Schneider and his family.

Reign, Season 4 (date tbc)
CW up the teen angst and romance with their take on the reign of Mary Queen of Scots, available on Netflix in the UK.

Stranger Things, Season 2 (date tbc)
It was such a big hit so no surprise there's a sequel series, expect more nostalgic sci-fi tapping into your love of 80s movies.

War Machine (date tbc)
Moved from 2016 to 2017. Satirical film based on Michael Hastings' book The Wild and Terrifying: Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan. Featuring a particularly starry cast including Brad Pitt, Will Poulter and Topher Grace.

Watership Down (date tbc)
Four part animated series about the lives of a group of rabbits seeking safety after the destruction of their home. Anyone who remembers the 1978 adaptation of Richard Adams novel will already have their hankies at the ready.

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (date tbc)
Hardly anyone saw goofy low budget comedy Wet Hot American Summer on release. Now the stars (Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd) are the backbone of this US comedy. Netflix already ran a prequel in 2015 (First Day of Camp) so expect a similarly silly reunion as we jump forward in time.

Wheelman (date tbc)
Another Netflix original feature starring Frank Grillo as a getaway driver on the run after a bank heist goes horribly wrong.