Amy Winehouse's show therapy

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  • 30 May 2008

Amy Winehouse's show therapy

Amy Winehouse has hired a relaxation therapist to help her prepare for her live shows.

The 'Rehab' singer's management have also employed a masseuse and a nutritionist to help her relax ahead of her appearance at Portugal's Rock In Rio festival after American bosses threatened to cancel her US tour dates if she misses any more concerts.

A source revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "This gig is hugely important as it will either give her summer US tour the go-ahead or see it scrapped all together.

"Both the record company and bookers in the States are using this weekend's show as a marker to see whether Amy is up to it or is still totally unreliable.

"A relaxation therapist and a masseuse are being lined up to assist her whenever she feels troubled.

"A nutritionist is also on hand to help with her eating."

Amy reportedly hasn't turned up to rehearsals for over two weeks and is due to perform at the festival tonight (30.05.08).

Last summer, the 'Back to Black' singer cancelled several UK shows at the last minute as well as scrapping an American tour last September.

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