Scarlett Moffatt opens up about bullies

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  • 7 December 2016
Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt

Scarlett Moffatt has opened up about being bullied in school, saying she was "allowed to leave school early" to avoid her haters

Scarlett Moffatt was "allowed to leave school early" to avoid bullies.

The 26-year-old star was recently crowned Queen of the Jungle after she won 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' but has revealed she wasn't always so well liked as she used to have to leave school 10 minutes before the end of class to dodge her haters.

She told The Sun newspaper: "The way the school dealt with [my bullying] was that, 10 minutes before the end of the day, I was allowed to leave early so I didn't get beat up.

"I would just walk around Asda's car park until three o'clock or up until the time I was meant to come home. I just felt so embarrassed to tell my mum and dad."

The 'Gogglebox' star also admitted she used to tell her parents she "loved" going to school, because she didn't want to tell them the truth.

She added: "I would pretend to my parents that I loved school. Sometimes I would sit in the toilets at breaks just so I didn't have to wander around the playgrounds on my own.

"I just wanted them to think I was cool. I would go home and they'd ask, 'How was school?' And I'd say, 'Really good'.

"I remember this girl coming back from dinner and saying they'd been to the chip shop, and the boys had been throwing chips at them at the swimming baths where they used to sit. I would go home and tell my mum that story as if I was there.

"I tried to fit in but failed miserably, so I just carried on being me as my dad said, 'Just be you, just be yourself'."

And the brunette beauty also opened up about her experience on the jungle-based reality show, as she said heading into the wilderness brought back feelings from her school days.

She said: "That was the big thing for me going in there, I felt like an outsider as all I do is watch the telly for a living.

"I was with people like Larry Lamb, Carol Vorderman. I was worried how these people were going to take me. It was just so nice to be accepted for who I am. It was just amazing."

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