The Snaw Queen (3 stars)

Theatre review: The Snaw Queen

credit: John Johnston

Johnny McKnight brings shade to the Tron panto

Spikier than an icicle, Johnny McKnight is never one for subtle or understated humour to his Tron pantos - and we wouldn't have it any other way. This time around, however, the show takes a wee while to thaw, with supporting characters like The Goblin Queen and Honey Bunny (both Kara Swinney) and Elvis the Elf (Chrisopher Jordan-Marshall) not given much to do, and an unwieldy narrative.

But when it hits its stride, with local gags, and a 'Disco Dolly Smackdown' between McKnight's voluptuous 'lady' Santa Kristine Cagney Kringle and the villainous yet shapely Snaw Queen (Darren Brownlie, channelling both the snootiness of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and the sass of drag star Sharon Needles) it's a delight. They're a formidable pairing. The subplot featuring Julie Wilson Nimmo's shy Olive the Reindeer brings sweetness and mischief (and morals) for his 'wee chookies' as McKnight calls the kids in the audience.

No one does pop culture and political barbs alike within Christmas shows with such aplomb as McKnight, and even if there's a slight identity crisis in the first half, with too much cutesiness, rendering the satirical moments a touch jarring, he 'Claus' it back long before the inevitable Mariah Carey singalong. Kenny Miller's set is pretty sexy too, all saucy reds and suggestive curves.

Tron Theatre until Sat 7 Jan.

The Snaw Queen

Kristine Cagney Kringle and her elves are getting ready for the festive season, but, the evil Snaw Queen needs defeated. This'll be a job for Kelvie (the Kelvingrove Elfie) and Olive (the other reindeer).