Perez Hilton was 'bullied' in Celebrity Big Brother house

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  • 6 December 2016
Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was "bullied" in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house but is reportedly willing to return next year for a special

Perez Hilton was "bullied like you wouldn't believe" in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 38-year-old American blogger joined the reality TV show in January 2015 alongside Nadia Sawalha, Katie Hopkins, Patsy Kensit and Katie Price but it seems a lot more went on behind closed doors than viewers were initially aware of.

Asked if she ever hears from Perez since they left abode last year, Nadia said: "We text all the time. No one saw what went on in that house. He was bullied like you wouldn't believe. So when he exploded people didn't realise what had happened."

Despite his turbulent time in the infamous house, Perez - who is known for his controversial comments - clearly hasn't been put off that much as he has reportedly agreed to re-enter the property next year for the special 'All Stars vs. New Stars'.

But the 'Loose Women' panellist is adamant fans won't be seeing her cooped up within four walls any time soon as no fee is big enough to persuade her to do it again.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she explained: "There's no fee big enough to make me do that show again. They get such incredible content now but it's not about watching relationships form, which is what used to fascinate me about it."

But it seems a lot of good stuff came off the back of 'Celebrity Big Brother' as Nadia was asked to do a whole series of 'Benidorm' but she was forced to turn it down because she had to home school her daughters Maddie, 13, and Kiki, seven.

She said: "I did a few episodes of 'Benidorm' last year - they asked me to go back for the whole series but my children were still in school, they're home-educated, and I couldn't leave them for three months. It was really sad but as a mum you have to make sacrifices. I was sad for a day but I'm happy with the kids."

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