Matt Smith not handsome enough for Bond

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 December 2016
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith thinks he has the face to play a James Bond villain, but isn't "handsome enough" to portray the suave spy

Matt Smith doesn't think he's "handsome enough" to play James Bond.

The former 'Doctor Who' star insists he could never be a serious contender to play the iconic British spy - but he'd be right for one of the villains in the franchise.

He said: "Oh God, I don't think I'm handsome enough... I'm more of a Bond villain."

Playing The Doctor is just as iconic a role, and the 34-year-old star is accepting of the fact it's what he will always be recognised for.

He said: "It's always about The Doctor [when I get recognised]. I don't get anything else and I've always known that's how it will be for the forseeable future because of the cultural devotion - I've made my peace with that from the start.

"Maybe it will be something else in 20 years - if I'm lucky.

"I'm lucky to be associated with that show in the first place.

And Matt - who is dating his 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' co-star Lily James - insists that he never gets annoyed with being associated with just one part.

Asked if it annoys him, he told heat magazine: "No way. The Doctor gave me my career, it'd be a bit ungrateful if I started moaning about it now.

"'Doctor Who' has a lot of significance for its audience - you can't sully that by reacting badly when someone wants to talk to you about it.

"You'll never hear me complain about the tag, I'd be such a s**t if I did."