Sprogmanay: the new kids programme conceived for Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Burrell at Kelvingrove: Joseph Crawhall

Andy Cannon's Tales of a Grandson is part of the programme / credit: Brian Hartley

Edinburgh's Hogmanay has expanded its array of kid-centred goings-on to cover the festival's three days

'Following on from the success of last year's Wee Scot:Lands, we were keen to offer family events across Edinburgh's Hogmanay and to get those events to mirror those in the adult programme,' notes Amy Shirlaw, the programme and marketing manager at Unique Events. 'We've now included lantern processions, Sprogrock concerts and a family ceilidh, while Wee Scot:Lands will be back for New Year's Day followed by our closing ceilidh at the National Museum of Scotland.'

For this year, Edinburgh's Hogmanay has worked closely with other city festivals such as the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Imaginate and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in order to expand Sprogmanay's reach. 'They have all been incredibly supportive in helping us find the right elements to programme for Sprogmanay,' says Shirlaw. 'Plus, the National Museum of Scotland is a stunning venue and all its galleries are already packed with fascinating exhibits, so finding space to programme Sprogmanay events that complement their existing offering has been quite challenging.'

Among the delights ahead for little ones are the indoor Lantern Processions, Dazzle Ship workshops in collaboration with Edinburgh Art Festival and Andy Cannon's Tales of a Grandson. 'We're delighted to have a three-day offering for families with children who are too young to attend some of the outdoor events,' adds Shirlaw. 'It's always a challenge to programme Edinburgh's Hogmanay, and to keep it fresh and interesting for all ages. By introducing Sprogmanay, I think we've raised the bar again.'

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, Fri 30 Dec–Sun 1 Jan.

Edinburgh's Hogmanay

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