Victoria to start shooting in February

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  • 2 December 2016
Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman

The second series of 'Victoria' will go into production in February following the success of the first in September

The next series of 'Victoria' is set to go into production in February.

Jenna Coleman - who plays the late monarch in the period drama - has revealed bosses have decided to hit the ground running with the next installment of the show following the success of the first in September and would like it on screen by August.

She told the Metro newspaper: "We start filming again in. It's really exciting - there's so much story. It's a case of pacing it and working out where to go with it."

And it seems there may be more series in the pipeline as the writer Daisy Goodwin still has ideas up her sleeve that she'd like to put into a script over the next few years.

Jenna explained: "We're doing season two and then it's a question of where we go from there. There's no shortage of story. You don't want to go through it too quickly. There are nine children to have, so there is a long way to go."

Jenna previously admitted she was initially skeptical about taking on the lead role in the show, but has now admitted that it was the story that sucked her in to the part.

She said: "People know certain things about her but the first three years of her reign haven't been told before on screen. It's quite modern as well. It's about a young girl who had a huge personality and was surrounded by people who expected her to fail.

"She was the most powerful woman in the world at 18 years of age when women didn't even have the vote. It's got huge appeal on top of it being a true story and a great love story - and what they've achieved, capturing the Victorian era with beautiful set designs and costumes, has been fantastic."

The 30-year-old actress can also see a bit of Victoria - who was the Queen from 1837 until her death in 1901 - in herself because she's so "flawed."

She explained: "What I love about her is she's so flawed. She's not what you would expect when you look at the portraits of her. She's also quite impulsive and very often wrong but extremely stubborn. She's so fun to play."

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