Kristen Stewart stars in Rolling Stones music video

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  • 2 December 2016
Kristen Stewart in Rolling Stones music video

Kristen Stewart in Rolling Stones music video

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart is the main star in The Rolling Stones' new music video for 'Ride 'Em On Down'

Kristen Stewart stars in The Rolling Stones' music video for 'Ride 'Em On Down'.

The 26-year-old actress shot scenes for the promo for the legendary rock group's song from their covers album 'Blue & Lonesome' in Los Angeles and it only took her seconds to sign up for the project, which involved driving a lavish 65 Mustang sports car around Hollywood.

She said: "It didn't take much more than a few words to get me amped on the idea.

"The Stones. A 65 Mustang. Alone in Los Angeles. And the shoot was just was dreamy as the idea.

"We tore LA part in a day and we had one hell of a soundtrack."

Meanwhile, frontman Sir Mick Jagger, 73, says he's had enough of blues and wants to get down to working on their next album of original tracks, and admits they never intended to put out a whole record of covers in the first place.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "I've had enough of it to be honest. The weird thing is we were doing new songs and then we stopped that for a minute and said: 'Let's do some blues' which is quite often what we do anyway.

"It wasn't supposed to be an album, just a relaxation."

It comes after Keith Richards - who is also joined by Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood in the 'Satisfaction' group - took a swipe at Jagger's songwriting skills.

The 72-year-old rocker doesn't care that his Rolling Stones bandmate has already penned 40 new tracks for a potential new record as he would rather do something "really interesting" than be as "prolific" as the singer.

Of Mick's 40 songs, he admitted: "Being prolific don't mean s**t.

"I've got three songs and they're dynamite. I don't want to make any decisions about this until the record comes out because I think it might change Mick's attitude, it might change mine.

"I want to see the fallout from this record before I decide whether I want to record 40 of Mick's songs or whether he wants to sit down with me and record some songs together. That's my thing. That's my ball there.

"I've got a few songs on the back burner and so does Mick - he writes a lot. I don't.

"I tend to concentrate on two or three really interesting riffs or ideas, rather than being prolific."

'Blue & Lonesome' is out now.

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