Preview: The Lemon Twigs

Preview: The Lemon Twigs

credit: Autumn de Wilde

Long Island brothers bring their weird-yet-wonderful powerpop to the UK

Life lesson of the day: never underestimate an artist solely because of their age or the way they dress. This might seem fairly obvious to most, but for critics of New York band The Lemon Twigs, few in numbers through they may be, this lesson has had to be learnt the hard way.

Brothers Michael and Brian D'Addario, who are 17 and 19 respectively, have defied the odds going from local Long Island duo to 4AD signees within less than a year. Still, this hasn't stopped them from being branded as the latest hipster flavour of the month by some who see their outlandish image as a work of farce.

But those that underestimate the D'Addario brothers are wrong to do so, for their music, fashion and electrifying stage presence is not just an act; it is who they are, their ode to their favourite musicians and best-loved styles of decades past.

The Lemon Twigs make music with flair, that much is undeniable. But their debut album Do Hollywood has shown that their flair has substance, combining their Beach Boys, post-Beatles and early rock 'n' roll influences with their many different and often paradoxical musical ideas. The two brothers seem to have different approaches, but together they create a brand of powerpop that is fresh yet strangely nostalgic and familiar.

Do Hollywood screams flamboyance and creativity, from the lush, expansive harmonies of 'These Words' to the frenzied and off-kilter 'Haroomata'. Michael and Brian share vocal duties and writing credits, swapping instruments freely on the album and during live shows depending on the track. But their strength lies in their partnership, which they've admittedly been perfecting from the minute they were old enough to pick up instruments.

As the brothers descend on the UK this month, you can expect high kicks, fabulous outfits, but, most importantly, a killer and highly memorable sound.

Touring the UK until Mon 5 Dec.

The Lemon Twigs

Long Island brothers – Michael and Brian D'Addoria – present their flamboyant, nostalgic powerpop sound.

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