Sean Lock: Keep it Light (4 stars)

Sean Lock: Keep it Light

Innovation, craft and jumping about make the 8 Out of 10 Cats team captain a must-see live act

'Rehearsed moaning' is what Sean Lock calls his particular brand of stand-up comedy. Ever the downplayer, he's selling himself rather short given that his latest touring show is another superior example of offbeat and semi-surreal observational humour.

Taken at face value, a bullet-point document of Lock's script might not appear especially inspiring, riddled as it is with comedic staples such as the midlife crisis, 70s nostalgia, and the price of cinema snacks. But it's what he does with them and the extraordinary lengths to which he allows his imagination to run asunder which sets him well apart from his contemporaries. If you can second-guess where he's going with material on his current appreciation of ballet, the real problem with David Walliams' literary efforts or why he's addicted to mumsnet, then you're either a liar or have already seen the show.

For those only familiar with Lock through his sadly-neglected sitcom 15 Storeys High or the variety of panel shows he's landed up on over the past decade, you could be forgiven for thinking he might wield a somewhat dour stage presence. Well, he has nothing of the sort, as he pushes his frame through heavily physical routines about the right way to sidle up to other parents in the park, or the aforementioned affection for classical dance.

But for those who can't abide the skipping / pacing / marching antics of the Michael McIntyres or Russell Kanes of this world, fear not as Lock chooses his moments carefully to extend his repertoire into exaggerated bodily movement. Ultimately, it's the innovative ideas and the crafted words which Lock maintains in his gifted armoury which means that shows such as Keep it Light simply puts everyone else in the shade.

Sean Lock: Keep it Light is on tour until Sat 3 Jun. Reviewed at King's Theatre, Glasgow.

Sean Lock: Keep it Light

The team captain of Channel 4's 8 Out of 10 Cats presents his latest live show.

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