Lewis Bloor wants Marnie Simpson to leave Geordie Shore

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  • 30 November 2016
Lewis Bloor

Lewis Bloor

Lewis Bloor would love his girlfriend Marnie Simpson to leave 'Geordie Shore' but knows it has to be her decision

Lewis Bloor wants Marnie Simpson to leave 'Geordie Shore'.

The former 'Only Way is Essex' hunk is concerned for his girlfriend - who was videoed visibly upset as she tried to leave a club to avoid producers last week - and though he respects what she wants to do, he thinks they have other priorities than just getting drunk.

He said: "I would love Marnie to never have to go back into the 'Geordie Shore' house because I love her.

"It's her choice though - she's my girlfriend and I support her.

"But she's only 25, and her interests are elsewhere in life.

"We talk about how long until we actually start thinking about a family and what do we want to spend the next three years of our life doing.

"Do we want to be out drinking or do we want to be building a future."

Lewis is planning a frank conversation with Marnie when her filming duties are complete and with the brunette beauty speaking recently about her health problems, he will "put his foot down" if he thinks she needs to leave for the sake of her wellbeing.

He said: "If I feel like she's putting herself in harm's way, then I will obviously put my foot down and say I'm not happy with the situation.

"Of she puts herself in harm's way physically, emotionally and mentally, I am there to protect her, you know, so I will speak to her when she's free and when she's out of the house."

Lewis also thinks Marnie is finding it tough having to share a house with ex-boyfriends Aaron Chalmers and Dan Clark.

He told heat magazine: "She's got two of her exes cracking on with other girls and she's drunk and can't talk to me - that's why she's so upset.

"There's only so much you can take and we all saw how upset she was so I just can't wait to get her home."

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