Jasmin Walia has 'really big ears'

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  • 29 November 2016
Jasmin Walia

Jasmin Walia

Jasmin Walia has admitted she's really self-conscious about her ears

Jasmin Walia thinks she has "really big ears."

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star has admitted she has never been afraid to flash the flesh because her insecurities lie within her appearance facially rather than her trim physique.

Speaking to Australia's IAmStarstruck.net, Jasmin said: "Actually I have more insecurities facially rather than my body. I feel like I've got really big ears and my forehead's a bit tiny but I think that's an Asian thing. When you're in the public eye you're always being judged anyway so it kind of does make you insecure sometimes but I just have to get over it.

"Some days I do feel like, 'Oh god I don't look so good.' But then other times I'm just like, 'Whatever, accept me for who I am.' "

And the 26-year-old beauty isn't going to let her fear of being scrutinised ruin her chances of becoming a singing sensation.

She explained: "It's (singing) what I've wanted to do always. I had it planned, and I used television as a platform to get into it. I just thought doing TV will kind of get my name out there and then I can go into singing. It takes time to get music out there."

Jasmin has just played a series of gigs in Australia and is thrilled she can finally start showing people around the world her talent.

She said: "Sydney was so much fun. The people were so lively. Melbourne is good but Sydney is definitely more lively."

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