Brian Friedman thinks X Factor judges should leave acts alone

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 November 2016
Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman thinks the 'X Factor' mentors should step back rather than smothering their acts

Brian Friedman thinks the 'X Factor' judges should be less involved with their acts.

The choreographer thinks the contestants get overwhelmed with all the advice and expertise on hand to arrange their performances, and believes it would be much smoother if the mentors took a step back once they had made their song selections for the week.

He said: "I'd have the judges choose a song and then not see their acts until the show.

"The contestants have so much to take in.

"The vocal coaches, choreographer, me and the stylist all give them feedback, then their mentor tells them something different and they get confused.

"So, I'd like less cooks in the kitchen."

Brian is a big fan of controversial rapper Honey G and thinks she's the show's biggest contestant since One Direction.

He said: "Honey is not a bad act at all, she's just an acquired taste. She really believes in everything she's doing and works her butt off. When we're there on Saturday night and she steps into the room, the audience go crazy. And I've only heard that sort of fandom with acts like One Direction. She's definitely the highlight of the week for me."

And Brian thinks he and the rest of the 'X Factor' team have made her into a serious contender by not treating her like a joke act.

He told heat magazine: "Simon has been great. He judges her for what she does.

"And I think the fact we play her straight helps. We're not taking the p**s."

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