Keith Richards takes swipe at Sir Mick Jagger

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  • 27 November 2016
Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Rock icon Keith Richards has taken a swipe at Sir Mick Jagger's songwriting skills

Keith Richards has taken a swipe at Sir Mick Jagger's songwriting skills.

The 72-year-old rocker doesn't care that his Rolling Stones bandmate has already penned 40 new tracks for a potential new record as he would rather do something "really interesting" than be as "prolific" as the singer.

He told Uncut magazine of Mick's 40 songs: "Being prolific don't mean s**t.

"I've got three songs and they're dynamite. I don't want to make any decisions about this until the record comes out because I think it might change Mick's attitude, it might change mine.

"I want to see the fallout from this record before I decide whether I want to record 40 of Mick's songs or whether he wants to sit down with me and record some songs together. That's my thing. That's my ball there.

"I've got a few songs on the back burner and so does Mick - he writes a lot. I don't.

"I tend to concentrate on two or three really interesting riffs or ideas, rather than being prolific."

And after returning to their roots with upcoming blues covers album 'Blue & Lonesome', Sir Mick is now keen to take the band in a new direction.

He said: "I was writing last night at the end of the baseball match.

"I sat watching the World Series, playing my guitar. But I think it would be nice to do new songs and go in a new direction with them."

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