5am's Kieran Alleyene has barely seen his girlfriend since being on the X Factor

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  • 26 November 2016
5 After Midnight

Nathan Lewis, Kieran Alleyene, Jordan Lee

'X Factor' contestant Kieran Alleyene has said he has barely seen his pregnant girlfriend since getting to the live shows

'X Factor' contestant Kieran Alleyene has barely seen his pregnant girlfriend since getting to the live shows.

The 21-year-old singer - who is a member of boy band 5 After Midnight alongside Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee - was told by his girlfriend Sophie that she was expecting his baby just days before he entered the judge's houses round of the competition, but he has now claimed he sees more of his mentor Louis Walsh than he does of his pregnant girlfriend.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Kieran said: "I don't even see my girlfriend while I'm in here. I only see her at the weekends. She knows that I need to focus.

"At the moment I have to put most of my focus on 'X Factor' so I can make a career from this so that I can support my kid."

And Kieran says that he won't sacrifice his music career for his unborn child, and says he will instead rely on FaceTime to communicate with his family if he is away on performances.

He added: "We both have really supportive families. I've got loads of siblings, she's got loads of siblings. We're not short of babysitters! And that's what things like FaceTime were invented for. It'll be fine.

"The baby will be born in the spring. It's all a happy thing - there is no negativity whatsoever."

Despite not knowing the gender of their baby, the couple have already been picking out names and say they won't be naming it after Kieran's mentor.

He said: "We have names for each sex. I can't have Louis. My nephew is called Louis, so I can't.

"I've told him already. I said, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!'"

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