Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide to Love and Physics (4 stars)

Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide to Love and Physics

The beauties of physics and love are gently brought to life in this charming production at the Chrysalis Festival

Confronting the complexities of physics and the overwhelming power of love is a daunting task. However, Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide To Love And Physics marvels at these remarkable and powerful forces and gazes into the swirling majesty, not with doubt, but with hope and fearless optimism.

Told through the eyes of a group of young people, the universe's existence is described in the terms of teenagers at a party, as particles bounce around, apparently randomly and without purpose. And yet, this fragile and dynamic process resolves into beauty and symmetry.

Any apprehensions about the complexity of the subject matter are swiftly cast aside as the performers express the ideas with simplicity and charm. Humour is used to great effect, but the tragedy and confusion of both love and physics are exposed in an understandable manner, that it is sweet and moving, bringing a warmth and charm to subjects that can often be difficult to define.

Produced by Sounds Like Chaos who are based at the Albany in Deptford, South East London.

Part of Chrysalis Festival.


Chrysalis festival brings together theatre companies from across the UK for a weekend of youth theatre.

Phenomena: A Beginner's Guide to Love and Physics

A theatrical exploration of love, with science.

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