The Island (3 stars)

The Island

A competent, if overly familiar, tale of longing and the pursuit of truth

Following a group of isolated young people struggling to fend off the elements, The Island echoes familiar stories like The Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games. However, it has more in common with religious tales.

Eight years after an apocalyptic event, a group of young people flee from the likes of lizards, wolves and monstrous lightning storms, taking shelter whenever they can while searching for the salvation offered by the mysterious Island.

Not being shy about its influences, with the Christian overtones sometimes overbearing, The Island is driven by the performances of the young cast, which are, for the most part, excellent, especially in the more humorous scenes which is when the piece is at its most powerful. Although the drama is occasionally overwrought, the cast's energy and enthusiasm pushes the action forward, moving towards an intense and heartrending conclusion.

Part of Chrysalis Festival (run ended).


Created and curated by Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, Chrysalis – their annual festival of youth performance – presents a selection of young people’s work that can stand as examples of excellence. First formed in 2015, this unique platform has an emphasis on emerging youthful companies who present uncompromising…