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This issue: Kate Lawler

Colours and Hed Kandi are joining forces once again this Hogmanay for a huge glam house party with names like Tom de Neef, Rob Wilder and 2 Many DJs (Edinburgh only - sorry Glasgow). But one of the more unusual names appearing is Big Brother’s Kate Lawler. We chat to her about her new DJ skills.

Do you think the reality TV connection has made it harder to be taken seriously as a DJ?

‘Most definitely. There are people who say “she only gets gigs ‘cos she’s been on TV.” In my defence I’ll say that’s complete bollocks; 99% of promoters have wanted to hear my CD before they have given me a gig, so if I couldn’t DJ I wouldn’t get gigs. Also, people presume I play commercial music. Some bellend actually asked me for the Baywatch theme tune the other week - I nearly knocked him out!’

Looking forward to playing Scotland on Hogmanay?

‘Can’t fucking wait. The Scottish know how to party so bring on the booze (obviously after my set has finished).’

So what can we expect on the night?

‘My style can vary but I love playing dirty electro-house and I tend to get a bit more dark and techy as the set moves on. I love clubbers who wanna be taken on a journey of house music and not just listen to anthem after anthem.’

Kate Lawler plays Hed Kandi/Colours Hogmanay Party, The Tunnel, Glasgow, Sun 31 Dec; City, Edinburgh, Sun 31 Dec.

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