Dan Clark's ex-girlfriend claims he threatened her with acid

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  • 24 November 2016
Dan Clark (c) Facebook

Dan Clark (c) Facebook

Lucy Noble, the ex-girlfriend of 'Geordie Shore' newbie Dan Clark, has alleged he threatened to throw acid in her face if she was unfaithful

Dan Clark's ex-girlfriend has claimed he threatened to throw acid in her face if she cheated on him.

The 'Geordie Shore' newbie started dating Lucy Noble in September 2015, but things came crashing down after he allegedly fired off an abusive text suggesting he'd ruin her life is she was unfaithful.

In text messages, obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper, Dan said: "You dare get with any lad and I'll kill them and you'll get some acid thrown in your face sl***. (sic)"

Lucy then replied: "I'll show my dad all these messages you vile piece of s**t. You cheated on me. (sic)"

Dan, 23 - who is one of the latest cast members to join the MTV programme - has strongly denied sending the message, and also insisted that he ended their relationship.

But Lucy has stood by her allegations and told the publication: "I found out three weeks ago and was left gutted and dumped him."

The brunette beauty said she was shaken by Dan's text, having seen the horrors of acid attacks in the news.

She explained: "I've seen the horror stories in the newspapers of victims."

Lucy also claimed that their relationship began to fall apart when Dan started texting friends about messaging other women behind her back prior to him being unfaithful.

Lucy said: "I was suspicious when we went on holiday to Lanzarote in June and went through his phone.

"I confronted him and I'd never seen a guy cry so much, he begged me to stay with him, so I gave him another chance."

Lucy said that Dan's appearance on 'Geordie Shore' will show people what he is really like.

She explained: "I don't even think he'll do that well on it and I want everyone to know what he's really like.

"He goes around saying he's the fittest guy in the north east, he's not."

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