Stephanie Davis to listen to grandad's favourite band during labour

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  • 24 November 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is planning to listen to Foster and Allen - her grandad's favourite band - when she goes into labour

Stephanie Davis wants to listen to her late grandfather's favourite band when she's in labour.

The 23-year-old actress may have over two months left until she's expected to welcome her first child - a baby boy she has with her ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell - into the world, but she's already started thinking about her birth and has decided she wants the Irish musical duo Foster and Allen playing in the background while she's working through her contractions.

Writing in her blog for OK! Online, she said: "I'm putting my bag together this week and having it by the door ready for when I go into labour. So far I have the choice of about 10 outfits for him to come home in as they're all so cute! A friend has also advised me to pack lip balm as apparently the gas and air can really dry your lips out. I will obviously be packing all the other essentials a newborn baby and new mum need. I'll also be packing some music to keep me calm in labour in the form of Foster and Allen. They were a favourite of my granddad's. I went to see them this week with my mum, nan, uncle and my auntie and they played all my granddad's favourite songs - the baby was loving it! Their songs keep me in a good mood and happy so it stays positive and calm."

Stephanie sadly lost her grandfather Albert Mulvaney last October - three months before she entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house in January - but is determined to have his memory live on and has decided her baby boy's name will include Albi - a nickname of Albert.

She said earlier this year: "I definitely think I'll call him Albi after my granddad. I'd like his middle name to be Patrick. It's my brother's middle name and it's also Irish."

Stephanie has been battling with acute sickness since she found out she was pregnant in May and is now planning to take some time off before Christmas to focus on herself and her baby.

She explained: "I've decided I'm going to take myself off on maternity leave soon, hopefully some time in the next few weeks. I have a lot to do still before the baby arrives but I've promised myself I'm going to start taking it easy. I'm not too sure how much time I will take off once he gets here but luckily I'll be able to keep him with me wherever I go. My mum will be with me too."

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