Reverend Kate Bottley explains Gogglebox absence

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  • 24 November 2016
Reverend Kate Bottley

Reverend Kate Bottley

'Gogglebox' star Reverend Kate Bottley has been on a break from the Channel 4 show to support her daughter through her GCSES

'Gogglebox' star Reverend Kate Bottley has been on a break from the show to support her daughter through her exams.

The 41-year-old TV pundit has taken to social media to reveal the reason she has not been on the current series of the popular Channel 4 programme - on which sits on the coach alongside her husband Graham Bottley - was because they needed some much needed time away from the screen.

Taking to Twitter to reply to one of her 80,000 followers, she wrote: "Hi, our daughter has her GCSES so we needed a break from the cameras (sic)"

As well as their daughter Kate and Graham have a son Arthur, who suffers from an autism spectrum disorder and struggled in social situations.

However, Kate recently shared how getting into online gaming has helped him make friends and develop his social skills.

She shared: "Online gaming really helps him, and he's got a little community that he plays with. These are his friends. These are his community. These are the people that he learns how to socialise with."

Kate insists events like the GameCity festival in Nottingham in the Midlands have also helped her son connect with people in real life too.

She said: "We can let Arthur go here, and he can talk to anyone. And they won't make him feel stupid, and they won't make him feel silly, and they will listen to him ... He's quite used to being the weirdest kid in the class. He's not the weirdest kid here."

It comes after it was revealed the vicar will be swapping Channel 4 for BBC2 to appear on the celebrity version of 'Mastermind'.

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